DisneyTeyonKin's web site Yeah~~!~!~!~!~!

Hello, Everyone
I am DisneyTeyonKin,
Thank you for visiting My Web Site Everdevel.
as you know I love Disney.
espicially Mickey Mouse....
My Job is Web Coder,
Now Just Junior...
It is Everdevel for people who speak korean language.
It is Beanscent (while i am making) for people who speak japanese language.
本の価格は重要なじゃね、 本お価格が安ければやすいほどいいことだ。

This place is my studio to develop web site.
as you know I love Apple Products.
especially, I love macbook,
it is so cute and light and has beautiful color

My Lovely Disney Dolls

I Like Disney Characters.
Here is my studio.
recently, I visited Tokyo Disney Land
and bought Cheshire and Sully.

Tokyo Disney Resort is my favorite place.
There are Happiness and Dreams.
My Favorite TDL Song is Happiness Is Here.
When I visited Tokyo Disney Land In 2009.
Parade song was Happiness is here
please hear the song.

I Respect These People.

walt steve masayoshi honda